Edgar L

Edgar L

Verve College like other schools is not perfect. You will hear that Verve College is hard or do not have enough tools to help you succeed. But I will tell you now Verve College is above average considering of its size and years of operation. Nursing school is hard in general and students need to do their part to pass the program.

I came from a different background with no knowledge or idea about nursing. However, my attitude to learn played a big factor. Together with instructors and staff I passed NCLEX few months after I completed the program.

To future students, you cannot change the nursing field, the schools nor the instructors but you can change yourself. You can do the program, you can pass the NCLEX if you accept to yourself that nursing is hard.

While writing this letter, I have job offers from various setting and this is the start of my journey in nursing field. Thank you Verve College for helping me achieve my dream. Again thank you staff, Verve College, and God for making this possible.

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